Imagination + Inspiration

Pushing Boundaries

Reunion envisions a day when depression isn’t just managed, it’s curable. That’s why we relentlessly pursue the development of safer and more accessible therapeutics. As an early-stage pharmaceutical company, we’re focused on pushing the boundaries of neuroscience to develop new and improved options for the millions of people whose needs are not met by the current standard of care.

Bold Science to Transform Lives

Our research is centered on the discovery and development of proprietary drug candidates designed to engage serotonergic receptors in the brain. By targeting this key pathway, Reunion aims to induce therapeutically beneficial changes in a variety of psychiatric conditions, including depression.

Experience, Meet Innovation

Reunion’s team consists of industry entrepreneurs and scientific leaders with deep experience in every aspect of pharmaceutical development. We’re dedicated to blazing the path to next-generation therapeutics to create a world where mental and emotional wellbeing is the baseline.

Reunion Neuroscience Staff